NYC Restaurant Week 2017: El Toro Blanco

When we heard Restaurant Week (or weeks rather, Jan 23rd to February 10th) was upon us, we knew we had to make the trip to good ole Manhattan. Being three weeks in to our Arbonne cleanse, we had to carefully peruse the menus to find dairy, gluten, and soy free options. Through a quick search on, we struck gold with El Toro Blanco in the West Village. Their restaurant week menu boasts a variety of authentic Mexican dishes, many of which are gluten free. To kick things off, the Fatbois and Captain Consultant, Krystie, each ordered an adult tequila beverage. Christie stayed classic with her house margarita while Krystie opted for the frozen variety. In an interesting turn of events, Jess went rogue with a coconut water and tequila cocktail garnished with coconut flakes. The liqour flowed generously which had us feelin’ some type o’ way after just one drink.

Round 1: FIGHT. We were confronted by the Shrimp Ceviche boss and the Costillas Empanadas boss. The Shrimp Ceviche was armed with tomato, lime, cilantro, avocado, jalapeño, and onions. The Costillas Empanadas boss was packing slow roasted short rib, Oaxaca cheese, ancho barbecue, and crema. Jess and Christie tag teamed the Shrimp Ceviche and took him down to China Town. Krystie faced the Costillas Empanadas alone and was victorious.

Round 2: FIGHT. Once again Fatboi Tendencies teamed up to take on the Camarones en Mojo de Ajo boss, which had backup that consisted of seared gulf shrimp, garlic, Spanish chorizo, tres chile sauce, lobster broth, mango jicama, and pablano rice. Krystie battled the Enchiladas de la Casa that packed a punch with corn, Mexican cheese, salsa verde, queso cotija, onion, radish, poblano rice, and crema. It was a close round, but we edged out our entrées.

Round 3: FIGHT. After our tough battles in the second round, we decided to take on dessert as a united front. We all had to bring our best for the cinnamon and sugar churros that included chocolate and dulche de leche sauces. Although the churros used sneaky tactics, the combination of Fatboi Tendences and our Captain Consultant Krystie was too much for the delicate fried dough to handle. If you’re up for a challenge, we highly recommend a visit to El Toro Blanco, especially before Restaurant Week ends.

We give El Toro Blanco a rating of Ice Cold Brewski.

*Disclaimer: The Restaurant Week and standard menus do not coincide with the menus in house. Despite these discrepancies, the staff was very gracious and accommodated our dietary restrictions.

To our trainer Kristen-If you’re reading this, it’s too late. I AIN’T SORRY.

C & J


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