The Hype is Real for that Cheese Wheel

As the name states, we’ve got Fatboi Tendencies, therefore it was a shock to our systems to be sprinting through Manhattan to make our reservation at Raclette. Reservations at this cozy spot in the East Village can be hard to come by, special thanks to Sam our fellow Girl On Food for the hookup! Raclette is every cheese lover’s dream and every lactose intolerant’s worst nightmare. If you pay a visit, you MUST order from the Raclette section, where a server scrapes a giant wheel of melted Raclette cheese, tableside. It is an enlightening, borderline religious experience. Christie ordered the Méditerranée: roasted asparagus, garlic, cherry tomatoes smothered in melted Raclette cheese.

Jess and Sam ordered the Suisse with prosciutto di Parma, roasted potatoes, cornichons, pickled white pearl onions, sliced baguette, and arugula salad in a champagne vinaigrette-also smothered in melted Raclette.

 As a budding hype spot in the Foodie world we were a bit skeptical, but it shattered every expectation. For the Méditerranée, the cheese and veggies complemented one another’s flavors perfectly. For the Suisse, the savory prosciutto and light arugula salad balanced out the plate. What made this experience even better was our accommodating server; she scraped the cheese wheel like a true artist and was very gracious of our paparazzi-style photography. Take it from us the hype is REAL, get down to Raclette for your own giant cheese wheel. We give it a rating of Guy FieriIMG_0603

C & J

Raclette NYC


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