Committed to the Pig Life

To kick off the weekend’s festivities, the Fatbois decided to go rogue and make an impromptu lunch trip to Morristown. The Committed Pig has been high on the FBL (Food Bucket List) for quite some time; the life-sized pig sculpture out front beckoned us after each grueling double header of volleyball (shoutout to Jersey Club Sports and our team the Alcoheros). The Committed Pig has a rustic feel to it and specializes in unique brunch options. This establishment is BYOB so you can get your mimosa on, daily. Their menu boasts notable pancake, pork roll sandwich, and grilled cheese entrées. We tested out the chocolate chip cookie dough infused pancakes with a side of sausage, as well as the garlic avocado grilled cheese with sun dried tomato pesto, muenster cheese, and sweet potato fries. The pancakes came subtly sweet packed with chocolate chip goodness in every bite.The grilled cheese had a plethora of delightful textures; the crunch of the bread, smoothness of the avocado, and melty perfection of the cheese. The garlic flavor was the proverbial cherry on top! This spot is a solid contender for a boozy Sunday brunch!Our commitment game is STRONG, what about yours? We give The Committed Pig a rating of Ice Cold Brewski!

C & J


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