A Trip through the Onion Neighborhood of Flavortown 

Fatboi confession: I love onions. Like really love onions. Jess has seen me on multiple occasions cook up some onions just to eat them on their own. So when we came across Screamin’ Onionz, I knew I had to give them a try.

Screamin’ Onionz come in three different flavors: Mild, Medium, & Hot.

In order to get a fair taste test in, I ate the same dinner three nights in a row, which consisted of a chicken patty with cheese, and a side of chips (s/o to Kilroy’s Wondermarket for the bomb chicken patties).

For the first night of my taste test, I tried the Mild Onionz. The sauce had a nice vinegar taste, which the sweetness of the onions cut through, offering a great flavor with every bite.

My next night consisted of the same chicken patty, but this time with the Medium Onionz. I found this sauce to be a little bit thicker than the Mild, but it was just as delicious. The medium also offered a little bit of a kick to it, which I throughouly enjoyed.

My last night in the onion neighborhood of Flavortown brought me the Hot Onionz. These were my favorite! The blend of spices in the sauce and the sweetness of the onionz really created a party in my mouth.

Not only is Screamin Onionz a great product, it has a great story as well. The company’s founder, Richard Romano, started the company with his wife after they lost their jobs and their son was born at 27 weeks. From a start in the back of a pizza place testing recipes, Screamin Onionz has expanded to 13 Whole Foods locations and is still growing. This October, they will be part of the inaugural launch of a new Food and Beverage Crowdfunding site called Pie Shell, so they can expand their inventory and keep growing!

My trip through the onion neighborhood of Flavortown was pretty great, and I know I’ll soon be putting Onionz on just about anything I can think of. For a great product and an even greater story, I give Screamin’ Onionz a rating of Guy Fieri.





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