Hello Kitty Cafe Truck

On September 3, 2016, the Hello Kitty Cafe Truck popped up at the Garden State Plaza in Paramus, New Jersey.

If you see the Hello Kitty truck coming to town, you may want to grab your Hello Kitty tent and sleeping bag, and camp out the night before. The truck opened at 10am and we got on line at the primetime of 10:14. At that time the line had already stretched down and around one path of the mall, past the Grand Lux Cafe restaurant. We popped a squat on the curb and amused ourselves by chatting with other Hello Kitty fangirls, playing Would You Rather, and creating songs about the diligent traffic cop yelling at pedestrians. It seemed there was no end in sight as one hour turned into two, and turned into three. I wasn’t budging because I was ready to fulfill my lifelong dream #GrowingUpAsian.Christie supported me in this endeavor supplying pretzel bites from Wetzel’s Pretzels, and that kids, is why everyone needs a Christie-grade pal in their lives. One of our favorites things of this experience was being able to interact with the Hello Kitty fans around us. Some were decked out in head-to-toe Sanrio swag, some had their small children in tow, which warmed my stone cold heart to see all of us sharing the love for this pop culture icon that has withstood multiple generations. Three hours later it was our turn to step up and indulge in the sweet treats. The menu consisted of Hello Kitty themed donuts, cookies, macarons, and petit fours. We selected the adorable petit fours and macaron box, and obviously couldn’t leave without matching mugs from the merchandise tent. The staff, donning baby pink chef coats and matching hats, were so friendly and chipper. They gave away stickers and pins with every merchandise purchase. With our goodies in hand, we had to take advantage of the photo-op in front of the truck. Side note, I will definitely be contacting Xzibit to pimp my ride in a similar fashion. We returned to Christie’s humble abode for the unboxing and tasting of our treats. The adorable petit fours came in a pink store window box and were decorated with Hello Kitty in two different outfits, her classic bow, and a bundle of tiny apples. The frosting was light and sweet which complemented the vanilla cake and strawberry filling perfectly. The 5-piece macaron box had 5 flavors: raspberry, mango, vanilla, chocolate, and pistachio. 4 macarons were decorated with tiny bows and 1 featured an airbrushed Hello Kitty. The compote in the raspberry and mango macarons were very fresh and flavorful. Overall the macarons were very fluffy and sweet. We were very pleased with our Hello Kitty haul and knew that the three hour wait was worth it in the end. We definitely recommend a trip to the truck as a once-in-a-lifetime experience!




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