Pizza Pilgrimage 2k16

One midsummer’s evening, the idea of a lifetime was born; Fatboi Christie hatched a plan (s/o to our Pokémon GO players) that would bring together best friends and their favorite pizzas. The first annual Pizza Pilgrimage 2k16 took place on July 30th, and featured eats from Long Island to Hoboken, all the way to its home base in central New Jersey. Upon arrival each pizza was treated to the Fatboi equivalent of the red carpet, complete with paparazzi on deck. The first pie in our grand reveal was the Buffalo Chicken pizza of Salerno’s in Hazlet, NJ.This pie was contributed by Fatboi friend Jourdan, and was easily the fan favorite of the night. The buffalo sauce had the perfect kick to it, which smothered the whopping amount of chicken covering the pie. Next up was the Penne Vodka pizza from John’s Boy in Glen Rock, NJ a Bergen County Legend (featuring some donuts from Dunkin of course). This pie served as a 2 in 1, covered in penne and vodka sauce, which rested on a plain pie that’s as good as any on its own. Coming in hot from Long Island to switch up the selection was penne vodka and garlic knots from Carlo’s Pizza Oven in Holbrook, Long Island, NY.IMG_1567The vodka sauce had us drunk in love in the corner with the garlic knots (don’t worry we kept it PG-13). The next pie on our list was a Margherita pizza from Mancini in East Brunswick, NJ.IMG_1563This is the pie that stays true to authentic Italian cuisine while adding its own modern influences. As a last minute belly buster entry Fatboi friend Kevan presented a plethora of choices from Tony Boloney’s in Hoboken, NJ.IMG_1570 (1)The notable pies included the Uncle Jemima and the General Khan. The Uncle Jemima is a breakfast pizza topped with buttermilk fried chicken, homemade waffles, sharp cheddar, and local maple syrup. The General Khan features Mongolian-style General Tso’s, spicy sweet and sour peanut sauce, Asian fried chicken with toasted sesame seeds, mutz (mozzarella) and scallions. This entry certainly warrants a visit to their locations in either Hoboken or Atlantic City. Last but certainly not least were the dessert pizzas. Our first dessert pizza was Oreo Cookies N’ Cream Polar pizza from Baskin Robbins. IMG_1568With a double fudge brownie crust, topped with Oreo Cookies N’ Cream ice cream, crushed Oreo cookie pieces, drizzled with marshmallow and fudge, even the sweetest of sweet tooth was satisfied. The last pizza to enter the arena was the Banana Nutella pizza from Mancini. IMG_1569.JPGThe picture speaks for itself; the ooey gooey goodness of the Nutella is a force to be reckoned with. Shoutout to our Fatboi Friends who were in attendance for a fun night of drinks, games, and feasting that was good for our tastebuds but poor for our waistlines. Until next year, Pizza Pilgrimage 2k17!

C & J

Salerno’s Hazlet

John’s Boy Glen Rock

Carlo’s Pizza Oven Holbrook

Mancini East Brunswick

Tony Boloney’s Hoboken



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