Floating Taco & Tequila Festival

Mexican cuisine, alcohol, and open water. Many would say it spells disaster…I took it is as a challenge. Aboard the yacht dubbed Hornblower Infinity, the Floating Taco & Tequila Festival offered up 5 types of tacos from 4 Manhattan-based vendors, along with fully stacked bars that kept the margaritas and palomas flowing. Goodie bags filled with tortilla chips, fresh guacamole and salsa were on hand as the perfect complement to the main dishes. Check out my definitive ranking of each taco!

5. Bessou, http://www.bessou.nyc/ Coming soon!

5 Bleecker Street, New York NY

Charred broccoli taco: rayu chili oil, black garlic, cotija cheese. Chef: Akiko Thurnauer. A wonderful medley of complementary flavors.

4. Calle Dao Cuban Chinese Cuisine, http://www.calledao.com/

38 W 39th Street, New York NY

Braised goat in chinese spices taco: ginger, tomato salsa, avocado, jalapeño-Chinese chives, soy crema. Chef: Humberto Guallpa. A very unique and satisfying blend of two juxtaposing cuisines.

3. Bessou, http://www.bessou.nyc/ Coming soon!

5 Bleecker Street, New York NY

Beef kakuni taco: scallion salsa, pickled ginger.Chef: Akiko Thurnauer. A tangy, distinctive taste.

2. NYY Steak, http://www.nyysteak.com/

7 W 51st Street, New York NY (also at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx)

Carnitas (ribeye): caramelized pineapple, micro cilantro, black garlic-salsa verde, crispy blue corn tortilla. Chef: Guillermo Vallejo. The bold, savory flavor of this taco quickly skyrocketed NYY Steaks to the #2 spot on the list. I can definitely see why they’re the steakhouse of the New York Yankees.

1. Smoke Show, https://www.facebook.com/smokeshownyc/ Coming soon!

Traditional hog BBQ: marinated cabbage, smoked chili paste, smoked oil, local tortillas. Chef: Johnathan Botta. Smoke Show indeed! Authentic North Carolina BBQ, doin’ the ‘cue justice in a way only true southerners could. So good I had to get seconds, earning the title of the #1 spot!

The concept of a floating food festival is brilliant. It is a chance to enjoy breathtaking views while indulging in local cuisine. I highly recommend this type of event!

Cheers my Lady Liberty!



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