Anchovie’s Antics: Shark Week Recap

In honor of Shark Week this year, us Fatbois decided to take on our greatest challenge yet: tackling 6 of the most buzzworthy restaurants/establishments of the Jersey Shore, all in one day. Why all of these places in one day you may ask? Because we are masochists, that’s why (and there were some scheduling conflicts). In order to conquer this feat we enlisted the help of Fatboi friend Krystie, whom we have officially dubbed our Captain Consultant. Our first stop on the tour was 10th Ave Burrito in Belmar, where we foolishly ordered a burrito and chips each. Not the best way to kick off a day of marathon eating, but we never seem to learn.

10th Ave Burrito,

801 Belmar Plaza, Belmar NJ

Blackened Seafood Burrito: shrimp, sautéed spinach, black beans, avocado, pineapple salsa & chipotle sour cream. For those of you with a palette for the spicy things in life, this burrito is for you.

Southwestern Burrito: chicken, southwestern mix (corn, black beans, red onion, jalapenos, tomatoes, cilantro & roasted poblano peppers), rice & cheese.

Chicken Molé: shredded chicken in a traditional molé sauce with rice & cheese.

Rating: Salsa Verde

Our next stop was to Hoffman’s in Little Silver. This ice cream shop holds a lot of our memories of summers past. This picture doesn’t come close to doing it justice, there are countless flavors to be experienced. We love an establishment with its own food challenge, ice cream lovers can take on 8 scoops with 8 toppings in 8 minutes to win a t-shirt! Pretty legit if I do say so myself. I would probably wear that shirt around every day of my life as a badge of honor.

Hoffman’s Ice Cream & Yogurt,

78 Oceanport Ave, Little Silver NJ

Flavor: Chocolate Peanut Butter

Rating: Ice Cold Brewski

Must-try: Cookie Monster

Surf Taco in Belmar is another staple summer destination. After a long day of lounging in the sun doing absolutely nothing, there is no better fuel than a coconut water or smoothie paired with a fish taco. Their menu boasts a wide selection of “Surf Mex” cuisine including tacos, burritos, wraps, quesadillas, and salads.

Surf Taco,

1003 Main Street, Belmar NJ

Classic quesadilla: melted jack & cheddar cheese in a 12 flour tortilla

Rating: Ice Cold Brewski

If you’re going to grab a slice on the boardwalk, 3 Brothers From Italy is the way to go. Their heaping slices can cure the fiercest of munchies, and their unique topping options are tough to beat.

3 Brothers From Italy

1603 Ocean Ave, Belmar NJ

This chicken Terriyaki slice had us nostalgic for General Tsos pizza from our beloved Scranton, PA.

Rating: Ice Cold Brewski

Whoever thought of Korean fusion tacos, just take all my money now. MOGO magically incorporates traditional Korean cuisine into delicious, quick-service meals. If you happen to be in the neighborhood on a Wednesday, $16 gets you 1 movie pass at The Showroom Cinema, any 2 tacos or 1 entree, and choice of beverage. You can also join the birthday club and receive a free meal on your special day! 

MOGO Korean Fusion Tacos,

632 Cookman Ave, Asbury Park NJ

Pork Taco: spicy marinated pork with citrus-mayo slaw.

Chicken Taco: soy-ginger marinated chicken with ponzu-sesame slaw.

Rating: Guy Fieri          IMG_0603

Last but most certainly not least we have Coney Waffle in Belmar, an amusement park inspired sweets shop with Coney Island roots. For all of our sweet toothed readers, this is definitely one for the Food Bucket List. With all the new milkshake trends out there, I haven’t personally seen or tasted any that come close to the Sideshow Shakes. As we waited for our waffle sundae to be prepared, we got to witness firsthand the creativity and care that goes into making each masterpiece. You won’t ever see any identical Sideshow Shakes. After watching the drool slip from our mouths, the fantastic people at Coney Waffle crafted a Cookies n’ Cream shake just for us.

Coney Waffle,

803 Ocean Ave, Belmar NJ

Cookies n’ Cream Sideshow Shake adorned with cotton candy, an ice cream sandwich, mini-ice cream cone, white chocolate covered pretzel, rainbow lollipop, whipped cream, and a cookies and cream cupcake from JB Couture Cupcakes.

Rating: Guy Fieri  IMG_0603

6 food stops down and 3 painfully full bellies later, we walked away proud, relieved, and a bit disgusted with ourselves. We were able to meet some of the incredible people that keep these establishments running, learn more about our home state, and even entertain a group of tourists by dancing to Katy Perry songs (needless to say the $60 spent on this costume was worth every penny).

Congratulations to @tastingvegas for guessing Christie was behind “Anchovie’s Antics“, winning our Shark Week giveaway! Thank you to everyone who participated and kept up with us all week!



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