Brunch So Hard Mimosas Wanna Fine Me 

What she order? Crème brûlée (French toast that is, but we’ll get to that in a minute). If you enjoy getting day drunk and eating delicious food as much as we do, you’ll love The Crooked Knife in New York City. There are two locations: W 14th Street and E 30th Street, and we have experienced bottomless brunch at each one. If you’re going to check either out, a reservation is a must. We recommend being on time if not early, for your reservation in order to take full advantage of the 2 hour bottomless Mimosa/Bloody Mary deal. The 14th Street location has a charming feel to it and features an outdoor Tiki-inspired dining area. The 30th Street location resembles a snapshot of Central Perk for all of you “Friends” fans. Our personal favorite is the West Side location for their friendly staff and efficient service, however this review is all about the East Side location. The cozy atmosphere allows you to easily befriend people at neighboring tables and challenge them to a friendly game of beer pong (shout-out to fellow food blogger @han_ma, still up for the challenge if y’all are). We indulged in not one but two helpings of the crème brûlée French toast, as well as the Mexican omelette because we’re cultured and whatnot.
 The crème brûlée French toast comes with a dusting of powdered sugar, topped with a dollop of whipped cream, and fresh berries. This dish is moist and flavorful, a true testament to the popular dessert.
 The Mexican omelette, a twist on the classic breakfast staple, comes with chorizo, jalapeño, red onion, and pepper jack cheese along with toast, home fries, and fresh fruit. To top it off, endless carafes of Mimosas are at your disposal for hours on end. If you want to do brunch the right way, we highly recommend The Crooked Knife. We give it a rating of Ice Cold Brewski.

C & J


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