A Sushi Roll and a Burrito Walk into a Bar…

They fall in love, live happily ever after, and gave to man <<The Sushirrito>>. Lunch mob hunger squad took a trip on a fine Friday afternoon in search of the perfect blend of Japanese and Mexican cuisine. What they found was Inspiration Roll in Morristown, New Jersey, and it was inspirational indeed. After long deliberation, Jess chose the American Dream which consists of spicy tuna, cucumber, guacamole, mango, lettuce, tempura flakes, multi-grained rice, and spicy mayo in a seaweed wrap. Christie decided to go rogue and make her own roll of shrimp tempura, lettuce, multi-grained rice, fried onion, spicy mayo, terriyaki, and cucumber in a seaweed wrap. In addition to signature and make-your-own sushirritos, Inspiration Roll offers ramen bowls, baos (steamed buns) with pork or shrimp, and sides such as the Confucius Nachos and the R.O.C. popcorn chicken. If you’re feeling extra artsy and upload a photo of your meal to Instagram and tag @inspirationroll_morristown, you get entered to win a free sushirrito or ramen bowl! There’s a winner every week, what more could ya ask for? Even if you’re not local to Morristown, it is definitely worth the trip to experience this delicious creation. We rate Inspirational Roll an Ice Cold Brewski.


C & J



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