Holly Jolly Food Truck Festival Recap

On November 24th and 25th, Laurita Winery hosted the Holly Jolly Food Truck Festival. It was my first visit to the winery and I can’t even tell you what took me so long to get there. This winery is incredibly beautiful, with the heart being its indoor event center/wine bar/shop which was built from two refurbished barns. The food truck lineup was impressive, featuring a wide array of the best eats you can find in Jersey. The first truck that caught my eye was Five Sisters Food Co. because burgers are my ultimate weakness. I started off with the Brie sliders, 2 Angus burger sliders topped with ooey gooey Brie cheese and apricot onion-bacon jam. I love unique combinations of flavors, and these sliders certainly delivered. After devouring my sliders in .002 seconds, I made my way to the Tacoholics truck. Upon seeing that they had a General Tso’s taco, I was sold (I had a long-standing love affair with General Tso’s pizza during my studies at the University of Scranton, s/o to CK’s Pizza ilysm). The sauce was mouthwatering, to say the least. I couldn’t possibly leave the festival without a lobster roll, no matter how much food I had already eaten. Luckily Cousins Maine Lobster was supplying. I opted for the Connecticut roll, with fresh, warm Maine lobster covered in butter and lemon, served in a New England style roll. Real quote from my experience, “it was so good I could cry.” I could have easily gone for another but I’m not a baller and lobster is expensive (*DM us if you’re interested in sponsoring a financially struggling graduate student, i.e., me). What’s a lengthy, gluttonous food truck experience without some dessert you might ask? We rounded out the day with a strawberry shortcake Belgian waffle from Dan’s Waffles and a cupcake platter from local favorite House of Cupcakes. If wine and good eats still haven’t sold you, these reasons might:

  1. An inn stands on the property that offers full-service massage and spa services.
  2. If you’re interested in horseback riding lessons or trail rides, you can take part at the Laurita Equestrian center.
  3. Laurita produces 14,000-16,000 cases of wine every year that are exclusive to the winery!
  4. The structures on the winery were built from mostly recycled or reclaimed materials.
  5. The winery uses solar power to produce clean energy for heat, hot water, steam, cooling, and refrigeration.
  6. They offer free winery tours where you hop on a wagon and learn about the rich history and ecosystem.
  7. During the winter they have an ice luge you can actually ride on! Sign me up.

Laurita has something for everyone whether you’re a nature lover, wino, foodie, or accordion enthusiast. So grab your pals, your significant other, or throw on a kid leash for your little one and we’ll see you there this winter!


Ohana Means Family…

Aloha my fatboitendencies Ohana! (trust me I’m cringing just as hard as you are). It’s Christie checking in after what seems like the longest food blogging hiatus since ‘Nam. (Shoutout to Jess for keeping it moving and being the hero we need but don’t deserve, you a real one)

It’s been about a month since I went to Hawaii, and as I sit at work watching old men play soccer, I figure now is as good of a time as ever to share my awesome Hawaiian experience with yall.

I was lucky enough to spend nine days at the Disney Aulani Resort with two of my closest friends, Kristen and Anthony, in what was supposed to be our final farewell to our Spartan Race career. Hurricane Lane had other plans and our race was cancelled, so we made the most of it by doing/eating as much as we could.


On our first day of adventuring off the resort, we decided to get our hike on and check out Diamond Head. In order to get the most out of our hike, we decided to fuel up with a nice breakfast from Eggs ‘N Things. We ended up having breakfast here a couple of different times on our trip, and I got the same thing every time; the Crab Cake Eggs Benedict. Let me tell you, it did not disappoint. The crab cake was super fresh, and not all bread crumbs which was awesome. 10/10 would recommend that bad boy to a friend.


With our stomachs pleasantly full, it was time for a hike. With our portable speaker in tow, we began the trek up Diamond Head. After what seemed like an eternity, we finally made it to the lookout, and it did not disappoint. Honestly, pictures don’t do it justice. If you ever have the chance, definitely do it!! After we took the obligatory snaps and instas, it was time to get back down and harass more people with our Disney power hour playlist.


Once we got back down to the parking lot area, refreshments were in order. Kristen had been eying the coconut stand since we pulled into the parking lot, so we made a beeline over and hopped on line. I’m not the biggest fan of coconuts myself, but I have to admit it was pretty cool to watch the guy tomahawk a fresh one like it was no big deal.IMG_0128

On our next adventure day, we decided to take a trip over to Waimea Bay for a proper beach day/cliff jumping session. As much as I would like to brag to yall that I was doing crazy backflips off the rocks, the reality of the situation was that I probably stayed up there for half an hour watching seven year olds jump as if it were no big deal. I without a doubt took years off my life, but I digress. After the three of us got our jumps in, our next food destination was calling our names.

Our next meal was the brain child of Kristen. She had the inside scoop about the food truck scene, so we decided to check it out. Guys, if you ever go to Oahu, GO TO THE FOOD TRUCKS. THEY ARE SO BOMB. We got a shrimp plate from Giovanni’s and it was without a doubt the best shrimp I ever had. The portions are huge, and just thinking about it now has me wanting to open a new tab and book the next flight out.


After we finished our meal, it was time to head back to the hotel, or so we thought. As we were driving back, we made a spur of the moment decision to stop at the Dole Plantation.  Like the overgrown children we are, the three of us ran to make sure we would make it in time for the train tour around the plantation. We learned a bunch about the different produce that Dole Cultivates, and much to my surprise, we didn’t get in trouble for talking too loud or making inappropriate jokes.


After our tour, we made it a priority to try their world famous Dole Whip. It has the same consistency as frozen yogurt, but is super sweet like a pineapple. I was a fan, but it’s definitely not something I could eat a lot of. I do think it would be great for some kind of frozen alcoholic beverage.


The next power move of the trip was actually planned way before we even stepped foot on Hawaiian soil. Anthony had the foresight to book a Disney Character Breakfast, and safe to say ya girl was pumped. As much as I’d like to say I was paying close attention to the food, my inner five year old was too busy being starstruck by my favorite characters.


On what was probably the coolest adventure of the trip, we took a raptor tour through where Jurassic Park, Lost, and other famous movies and shows were filmed at Kualoha Ranch. The fact that someone thought it was a good idea to let me and Anthony drive a raptor was kinda wild, and we took every opportunity to drive through any puddle we saw. It was safe to say we brought the most hype in our group, if only because we were screaming the loudest about nothing. We were the definition of hype nation.


On our way back from our last adventure, it was safe to say we had worked up an appetite. A quick Yelp search landed us at Honolulu Kitchen, where we were greeted with full size samples of their Manapua. In what can only be described as “tasty pillows you just want to eat” this had to be one of the best things we ate. Each Manapua came stuffed with a different filling, my favorite being the spicy crab. It took every fiber of my being to not eat them right when they came out and burn my face off.


If there’s one thing you take away from this blog post, I hope it’s this; when you travel, but more importantly in life, it’s super important to find people who genuinely care about and support you no matter what. As much as this trip was an amazing, once in a lifetime experience, we all had things throw us through a loop. I can’t begin to explain how thankful I am that I had Kristen and Anthony there to help me through probably the toughest time in my life. I can only hope that anyone reading this is lucky enough to find a group of friends that you can travel the country with, laugh with, cry with, and not want to kill each other at the end of it all. So Kristen and Anthony, if you read this, thanks again for being so great. I love you guys.


“Ohana means family. Family Means no one gets left behind or forgotten.”


– C 

New Brunswick Restaurant Week 2018: Catherine Lombardi

Guess who’s back…back again…Fatboi’s back…tell a friend. It is I, Jess, the ghost of Christmas past, coming to you after a year-long WordPress hiatus. In the past year, I started grad school and have been grinding it out, while Christie’s been managing a sports facility and running 23812947 Spartan races (aroo!). But don’t worry, we’ve been just as committed to the #fatlyfe.

July 14th kicked off restaurant week in New Brunswick, NJ. ‘Til the 28th, the hottest spots are offering discounts on beverages, meals, desserts, and everything in between. From ramen to Ethiopian cuisine, to jam-packed strombolis at Stuff’s, there’s something for everyone. It’s a great excuse to have a fancy date night, dinner and drinks with the girls, or a family outing. I decided to give Catherine Lombardi a try, after hearing great things about their Italian fare. I easily mapped out my prospects from their $39 three-course menu, prior to even setting foot into the building. I rolled out of bed, changed, and headed to Catherine Lombardi accompanied by my childhood friends (s/o to Marce and Cee, the OG’s). Scoping out the restaurant, I quickly regretted my outfit choice. I looked like a fat baby who got separated from her nanny, in my floral jumpsuit. Wine glasses and fancy linen napkins dotted every table, and everything was RED; the walls, the velvet curtains, the carpet, the upholstery. It was what I imagine entering Christian Grey’s red room of pain would feel like, but not as terrifying. I dove right into the wine menu, easily overwhelmed by the number of categories I never knew existed. I zeroed in on my go-to, Pinot Grigio, and ran with it. For starters, I ordered the Caprese salad with house-made mozzarella. Tomatoes are either a hit or miss for me, but I easily chowed them down, and the house-made mozzarella was divine. I’m obsessed with anything and everything truffle, so I had to go with the garganelli with truffle cream, prosciutto, and asparagus as my entrée. The prosciutto was the perfect addition, balancing out the truffle flavor. Marce opted for the linguine with shrimp scampi. Obviously, I stole a bite, and it was a delicious rendition of the Italian classic.Cee chose the tortelloni with Parmagiano-Reggiano cream and bolognese sauce. We actually had to google if tortelloni and tortellini are the same and *spoiler alert*, they are. I may have an Italian last name, but I had no idea wtf was going on. You may be looking at this picture thinking, ‘What gives? There are only 6 tortellonis.’ I thought the same thing until I sampled some, and the tortellonis were stuffed with filling, making it a reasonable portion size. To round out my trifecta, I opted for the mascarpone cheesecake. It was incredibly creamy and tasted flan-like. Marce selected Mrs. Palmisano’s cookie plate. To our delight, the cookies were melt-in-your-mouth soft and delicious. This plate would make any Italian grandmother beam with pride. Cee went for the mango sorbet. It didn’t knock her socks off, but I was pleased with the refreshing zing. Not only was the presentation on point, but the food quality really knocked it out of the park. All of the ingredients were incredibly fresh, making for flavorful dishes. It was fun pretending to be bougie for a night, all under the guise of a discounted prix fixe menu.

I give Catherine Lombardi’s a rating of Guy Fieri.


Can-Can We Eat All of France?

This May, the Fatbois were STAYIN’ IN PARIS (s/o to The Chainsmokers more specifically, Drew) TO GET AWAY FROM OUR PARENTS (like sort of we still live at home don’t judge). As we embarked, baguettes, blocks of cheese, and croissants can-canned through our heads. Upon arrival to our hotel, Opera-Daunou, we ditched our luggage and ventured out into the city. We stumbled onto La Colombe, a cozy café, located on 2 Rue de la Paix. We were greeted by the friendliest staff that excused my pathetic attempts at speaking French. One thing we’ve noticed is that Europe does coffee very differently from the states. It is typically stronger, poured into a smaller serving. Discovering the equivalent to our medium Dunkin iced coffees became a series of trial and error. The key to success is to order either a café au lait or a café americano. We topped off our café with chocolate-filled croissants which easily became an everyday staple. 761BAC8B-5C5D-483E-B9FB-B5571631029DOur touristy explorations led us to a Ferris wheel upon which we were able to scope out a nearby crêpe stand. You can basically stop at any crêpe stand and walk away with a quality crêpe. I chose a Nutella banana crêpe while Fatboi Christie opted for the savory variety with cheese.2C91A196-F62C-421F-8E80-E241963FBA0E.jpg7EAA54BC-E5DE-4605-B4C3-11A52B048CDD.jpgThe crêpes blew every other American rendition out of the water. Later that evening, we decided to check out the scene surrounding our hotel. Conveniently located across the street at 5 Rue Daunou is Earth’K Tapas & Cocktails. For 36 euros we indulged in the Grand Assortiment de Tapas which included guacamole, rillette de thon, tapenade, brochettes de poulet, bruschettas tomates mozza, chorizo saucisson fuet, comté, cantal, saucisson sec de montagne, and patates chorizo. 6A43DCB0-CC03-419D-BA97-555CC82A42CE.jpgWe also threw in a charcuterie board because why not. 4D8C0436-AAF9-449C-B73F-8D5DFB904869.jpgWe eagerly devoured the spread, fueling ourselves for a night out on the town after a long day of travel. My suggestion would be to stop here for happy hour and move on. Their drink menu is trendy with refreshing concoctions, pictured here is the Green Poppy. 1047D571-6110-453D-A858-5FEB6CE6CB28.jpgSteps away from Opera-Daunou and Earth’K stands Le Sherwood, a lively gem of a jazz piano bar, featuring live music from dusk ’til dawn. The band gave enthralling performances including a remix of Britney Spears and a cover of “Seven Nation Army”. The charismatic singer/pianist reminded us of Ryan Gosling’s character in La La Land; bringing incredible talent to quaint venues. We happily sipped our cocktails and swayed to the music, cementing the night as our tipsiest of all our Eurotrip. Battling gnarly hangovers the next morning, we needed the greasiest, artery-clogging cuisine we could get our hands on. We found just that at the Frog Hop House on 10 Rue des Capucines. An “American BBQ & Soul Food” joint, we decided to put their barbecue to the test. To kick things off we ordered the Loaded Fries smothered in pulled pork, cheddar cheese, jalapeños, white onions, and scallions.4F6ADE1D-ED93-499A-88CF-D2A1E403F1C5.jpg This dish was hands down one of our favorites from France. For the main course I went with the Pulled Pork Burger topped with their signature coleslaw and barbecue sauce.75135F3F-CFD2-47FB-849A-E866CBB5B583.jpg Overall Frog Hop made a good attempt, but it couldn’t compete with authentic American BBQ. We finished dinner just in time to make our City Wonders tour which included a champagne cruise on the Seine River at sunset, complete with a tour of the Eiffel Tower.IMG_4517 If you’re going to book any tour in France we highly recommend City Wonders. Our tour guide Ferret (Farrod sp?) brought so much humor and liveliness that we wished he could be our personal tour guide for the duration of our stay. Conquering knee-buckling fear of heights, we ascended to the tip top of the Eiffel to enjoy the breathtaking views of the city. Of course we had to feature their adorable sculptures made entirely of macarons.DB3349C8-9108-4437-8532-A57660F845D1EEB14599-4AD8-4D45-AC72-4DAAD26A07D3Later that evening we had a hankering for sushi and decided to see how the French do it. A few Yelp searches and we found ourselves at C’Roll Sushi on 156 Rue Saint-Martin. We were impressed by the extensive choices at hand, I went with the Hawaiian Roll and the Caterpillar Roll. 342789A4-21C6-467D-B9C7-FACA8E3FC8FE.jpgThe Hawaiian Roll has surimi, avocado, and cucumber on the inside with crunchy flakes and special sauce on the outside. The Caterpillar Roll is surimi and avocado wrapped up in grilled eel, avocado, and eel sauce. Given our food journey thus far I was skeptical, but I was blown away by the unique flavors and overall quality of each roll. Fun Fact: The results of France’s 2017 Presidential Election were announced while we were at this restaurant. At 8pm we could hear crowds cheering from the bar down the street. On the cab ride back to our hotel we spotted residents waving French flags and were humbled to be in this city during this historical moment. Politics aside, our trip was coming to an end and I had yet to fulfill my bucket list item, to try macarons from Ladurée in Paris. I did one better by dropping 50+ euros and ordering at least one of each flavor, from lavender to chocolate caramel, and in between. It was clear to see just how marketable Ladurée is as a brand. Every order is prepared with care, each ornate box done up in daintily in ribbons. DA7F27CB-9289-4AB2-A763-E7CA655A1CBB.jpg515225E9-87CE-4659-BAE7-408D7C929B36.jpg7F22FFE9-6DE3-42E6-93C4-890BC7EE0FE2.jpg411034DF-84D5-48B7-AB62-D04F8D3AB488.jpgThis vacation is certainly one we won’t soon forget! *Special thanks to my French teachers from 3rd grade through sophomore year of college; you made our navigation through Paris and Versailles possible.

Ciao for now, post on Italy coming soon!


Must Be Love On The Beignets

Despite being two of the unluckiest humans on God’s green Earth, the Fatbois won Phoodieur‘s Spring 2017 Restaurant Week Contest, earning themselves a gift certificate to Union Square Hospitality Group restaurants (Thank You!!). The selection process was daunting, with over 14 options to choose from. Our plan of attack was to single out the most artery-clogging cuisine, and what better way to do so than with some southern-inspired barbecue? One glance at the menu, and we quickly jumped on OpenTable to make a reservation at Blue Smoke. With locations in Flatiron and Battery Park, we embarked to Flatiron for some Monday Funday action. Upon entering, we were greeted by a full bar with a spacious yet intimate atmosphere, complete with mood lighting to set tone. We settled in to peruse the menu and gravitated towards the From the Pit selections. For just $28 you get a smorgasbord of your choice of one meat, two sides, along with a pickle and a biscuit. For $5 a pop you can add even more meat and sides to the lineup. Jess’s lineup included Pulled Pork, Mac & Cheese, and Barbecue Baked Beans! Christie opted for the Backyard Chicken, Mac & Cheese, and Fried Potato Wedges. The wait staff was extremely courteous, reminiscent of that true Southern hospitality. Once our spread was in sight, our mouths started watering à la Pavlov’s dogs #PavlovTendencies. We wasted no time in getting knee-deep in barbecue sauce. Pro-life tip: keep an artillery of napkins and hand wipes on standby. That being said, we devoured every bite. Each morsel of the pulled pork was both tender and flavorful. The chicken came right off the bone with a subtle, smoky flavor. The mac & cheese featured a delightful contrast in textures with a crispy top layer and a creamy center. It’s the kind of mac & cheese you wish your mom could make, with a mild hint of Gouda. 10/10 would bathe in it. Next came the potato wedges, crispy and seasoned to perfection (not to mention THICK AF). BBQ isn’t complete without the sauce, of which featured light notes of vinegar. The baked beans, smothered in BBQ sauce, were savory with a kick. To top off the meal, the delicate, flaky, buttery, biscuits will melt in your mouth but not in your hands ;). They were easily the best biscuits we’ve ever had and we relished each crumbly bite. You know the food is good when words are replaced with creepy groans. After pushing full to new levels, we decided to push the envelope even further by ordering two desserts. Feeling adventurous we decided to try beignets for the first time with their Beignets by the Piece, with coffee and chicory creme Anglaise. For that chocolate fix we also ordered the Chocolate Layer Cake featuring bittersweet chocolate ganache, chocolate mousse, and toasted benne seed ice cream. The beignets were light and fluffy with a dusting of powdered sugar, while the juxtaposing chocolate layer cake was rich and decadent. Our tastebuds did backflips of joy, skyrocketing Blue Smoke into our top 10 eateries. It gives Texas BBQ a run for its money, @Texas, come see us. This has been our easiest rating thus far, we dub Blue Smoke a Guy Fieri!

C & J


Taco Tuesday: Buena Onda, Philly

After a sleep deprived night in Center City, Philadelphia, Fatboi Jess and friends set off to find a brunch spot worthy of a blog post. Promises of an hour wait from Sabrina’s Cafe led the crew to happen upon Buena Onda Taqueria. This spot opens at 11 and when we arrived at 10:45 there was already a line forming, which proved to be a good sign. Walking into the establishment we were met with dreamy, island decor. A beer tap beckoned with a sign for a free cerveza for patrons of age. Who could fret over a line with an invitation like that? The menu offers options for even the pickiest of eaters ranging from kale salads and tofu quesadillas, to pulled pork tacos and jumbo pacific shrimp tacos. There is even a Taco of the Month, the one for February being a tequila-lime glazed shrimp, chorizo, refried beans, salsa Mexicana, and radish. Buena Onda offers a free rewards program where you receive one point for every dollar spent. Fatboi Jess decided to sample the jumbo pacific shrimp, pollo, and carnitas tacos. Each taco is wrapped in a house made corn tortilla. The jumbo pacific shrimp came smothered in chipotle remoulade, avocado, red cabbage and jicama slaw. The pollo taco came with braised chicken, avocado, lettuce, crema, and queso fresco. Last but most certainly not least, the carnitas taco with crispy braised pork, black beans, pork, and jicama salsa. Each taco was adorned with only the freshest ingredients, making it difficult to choose just one favorite. For an affordable, laid back spot in the heart of Philly, I highly recommend Buena Onda. I give Buena Onda a rating of Ice Cold Brewski.



Galentine’s Day

“What’s Galentine’s Day? Oh, it’s only the best day of the year. Every February 13th my lady friends and I leave our husbands and our boyfriends at home and we just come and kick it breakfast style. Ladies, celebrating ladies. It’s like Lilith fair. Minus the angst, plus frittatas. It’s wonderful and it should be a national holiday”.

-Leslie Knope, Parks and Recreation

Back in 2016, we decided to take a page out of Leslie Knope’s handbook and start a tradition with our best college girlfriends. The first ever Galentine’s day was The Bachelor themed complete with its own dramatic rose ceremony. Spoiler alert: we all made the cut. We went with solo cups and paper straws for a sophisticated touch. For decorations we scoped out our local Target and made away with:

  • Heart straws
  • Chocolate roses
  • Conversation heart plates
  • V-day themed koozies
  • Boo the Dog valentines

The finishing touches to our spread were bottles of André, reminiscent of our college days. I guess the Fatbois got a little ahead themselves with the “Single For a Limited Time Only” koozies as it is now February 2017 and you guessed it folks, still single (the only ones in the group I may add).Galentine’s Day runs on Dunkin’ because what is cuter than a heart-shaped donut?!For Galentine’s Day 2017, the theme was red, white, and gold glitter, brought to you by Target. Contrary to popular belief this is not an ad, we just have an unhealthy obsession with the place. We’ve spent so much money there we should probably have a stake in the company by now (Hehe…just let us love you, Target).Champagne-flavored gummy bearsPush-Up Pop Mimosas, a must try! Any type of sparkling wine will do.

What better way to celebrate your lady squad than getting push-up pop mimosa tipsy in pajamas? Not captured before they were devoured: Nutella churro rolls, pizza pies, cheesy garlic bread, buffalo chicken dip, spinach artichoke dip. We’ll try again next year! Happy Galentine’s Day to you and yours! Who run the world? GIRLS.


NYC Restaurant Week 2017: El Toro Blanco

When we heard Restaurant Week (or weeks rather, Jan 23rd to February 10th) was upon us, we knew we had to make the trip to good ole Manhattan. Being three weeks in to our Arbonne cleanse, we had to carefully peruse the menus to find dairy, gluten, and soy free options. Through a quick search on nycgo.com, we struck gold with El Toro Blanco in the West Village. Their restaurant week menu boasts a variety of authentic Mexican dishes, many of which are gluten free. To kick things off, the Fatbois and Captain Consultant, Krystie, each ordered an adult tequila beverage. Christie stayed classic with her house margarita while Krystie opted for the frozen variety. In an interesting turn of events, Jess went rogue with a coconut water and tequila cocktail garnished with coconut flakes. The liqour flowed generously which had us feelin’ some type o’ way after just one drink.

Round 1: FIGHT. We were confronted by the Shrimp Ceviche boss and the Costillas Empanadas boss. The Shrimp Ceviche was armed with tomato, lime, cilantro, avocado, jalapeño, and onions. The Costillas Empanadas boss was packing slow roasted short rib, Oaxaca cheese, ancho barbecue, and crema. Jess and Christie tag teamed the Shrimp Ceviche and took him down to China Town. Krystie faced the Costillas Empanadas alone and was victorious.

Round 2: FIGHT. Once again Fatboi Tendencies teamed up to take on the Camarones en Mojo de Ajo boss, which had backup that consisted of seared gulf shrimp, garlic, Spanish chorizo, tres chile sauce, lobster broth, mango jicama, and pablano rice. Krystie battled the Enchiladas de la Casa that packed a punch with corn, Mexican cheese, salsa verde, queso cotija, onion, radish, poblano rice, and crema. It was a close round, but we edged out our entrées.

Round 3: FIGHT. After our tough battles in the second round, we decided to take on dessert as a united front. We all had to bring our best for the cinnamon and sugar churros that included chocolate and dulche de leche sauces. Although the churros used sneaky tactics, the combination of Fatboi Tendences and our Captain Consultant Krystie was too much for the delicate fried dough to handle. If you’re up for a challenge, we highly recommend a visit to El Toro Blanco, especially before Restaurant Week ends.

We give El Toro Blanco a rating of Ice Cold Brewski.

*Disclaimer: The Restaurant Week and standard menus do not coincide with the menus in house. Despite these discrepancies, the staff was very gracious and accommodated our dietary restrictions.

To our trainer Kristen-If you’re reading this, it’s too late. I AIN’T SORRY.

C & J

Fatbois Philly Takeover: A Burrata Story

Picture this: you’re sitting in a bar admiring a Firkin, which you had learned early in the day was a wonderful selection of local Philly brews when you start to feel the familiar pangs of hunger that accompany a few adult beverages. After one more longing look at the plethora of beers, your end goal changes; you need pizza and you needed it yesterday. Well lucky for you, Fatbois has you covered. Spuntino, tucked away in the Northern Liberties neighborhood of Philadelphia, has the pizza you know you needed and the Burrata you never knew you needed. Upon our arrival our Fatboi Friend in command Moogan ordered two Caprese salads for the table. IMG_0167.jpgAs skeptical as we were about our hipster friend’s call for salad, it couldn’t have been more of a power move. The cheese had a texture unlike any other mozzarella cheese we’ve encountered, and was the topic of many a tipsy conversation later on the night. After our appetizers had been inhaled, it was time to move on to the main event: the pizza. Christie went with the Gamberi, which came with shrimp, San Marzano tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, and basil. Jess went for the classic Margherita, which consisted of San Marzano tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, e.v.o.o (shout out to Rachel Ray), and basil.img_0170-1 Fatboi Friend Frank went with the Fradiavolo, topped with soppressata, hot calabrese peppers, roasted peppers, San Marzano tomatoes, and fresh mozzarella. Each 10-inch pizza features a nicely charred crust which brought out the flavor of the wood burning oven.

To conclude our cheese filled journey, we felt the need to acquire more adult beverages after our love affair with the previously mentioned firkin. With our beverages in tow, we began our rerurn to Moogan’s hipster headquarters when things took a turn for the worst. In our cheese induced haze, we failed to realize that the sweat off the cold beer would not react well with the thin cardboard carrier. The result was a lot of broken glass and beer splattered around the streets of Philadelphia. 

Despite our last minute beer fiasco, I give Spuntino a rating of Guy Fietti. 




They’re Selling Chocolates! The 2016 Chocolate Expo Recap

On Sunday, November 13th, Fatboi Tendencies and Food and Lipstick descended upon the NJ Expo Center for the 2016 Chocolate Expo. Grab ahold of your cojones, you’re in for a wild ride. The Chocolate Expo is America’s largest chocolate event with 60+ vendors along with live demonstrations! Attendees were able to taste, purchase, and indulge in delicious gourmet chocolates, baked goods, specialty foods, gelato, cheeses, wines, and more. Upon entering the expo (after receiving our press passes, shout-out to Marvin you’re the real MVP), we were overwhelmed by the sights and scents of the plethora of chocolate goods.

Our first stop was to the Oh Fudge stand where their signature chocolate covered Oreos stole the show.

Adorned with colorful, edible decorations, it was too adorable and delicious to pass up. Christie opted for the vampire while Sam went with the Frankenstein and Jess chose the dinosaur pack.

Next stop was the wine table where we sampled every wine under the sun from Merlot to Rosé and Chardonnay. Being the classy wine drinkers that we are, you best believe we aerated and accompanied our wine with cheese samples. From across the room, Jess locked eyes with the Bijoux Macaron table, where she quickly snatched up a box of 6 to go. After quite the deliberation, she decided to go with the pistachio, raspberry, coffee, chocolate, chocolate banana, and vanilla flavors. With food babies fully developed, we could not resist the beckoning of the giant sized peanut butter cups from CB Stuffer. We went with the traditional because who doesn’t love a classic, and the S’mores to kick things up a notch. The creamy peanut butter and the sweet chocolate complemented one another perfectly. Their pizza and wings gift boxes are not only clever but adorable as all heck. Last but not least, we had to hit the Bacon Bites stand for chocolate covered bacon. If there’s one thing Fatbois love it’s strange food combinations and the sweet chocolate mixed with the salty, savory bacon did not disappoint. They even had their own Christmas tree with bacon ornaments available for purchase!Processed with VSCO with c1 presetAs we perused the rest of the vendors, we happened upon a medical booth which was the perfect irony: load up on chocolate, then get your insulin shots. Some other honorable mentions:

Cheese spreads from Palatine Cheeseimg_2748Screme GelatoChocolate covered waffles from Pika’s Farm TableJumbo-sized cherry turnovers

Special thank you to Marvin for having us! All in all The Chocolate Expo is one event of the year that you don’t want to pass up. It’s fun for the whole family, just not your waistline. Until next time!

C & J